Healthy Lifestyle or Competition Specific?

Let’s get a few things straight…

For majority of the population our goals are to simply be healthy, fit, happy, you name it. For a sandal percentage of the rest of us we desire another step up; a goal physique, number, competition, or race.
Both are great goals, definitely worth working for and achieving.
But the paths to each vary slightly.

For the former goal, requires healthy habits, maybe small or large shifts in lifestyle, etc.
The latter requires quite a bit more work, discipline, specifics, firmness; there’s less wiggle room.
How do I know? Well I’ve went through both, I’ve seen results from both, both are very rewarding. And I’m committed to guiding you to whichever you desire.
Whether it be getting healthy or fit, or taking it beyond that to competition mode, I know we can get there.

My present goal is the latter one. One in which I am super regimented, disciplined, and have a specific number and look to attain. And I am going to do what it takes to get there.

In the meantime, for those on the other route, which is perfectly acceptable, I suggest you take a look at this link. It is a great guide for making lifestyle changes without the strictness of competition prep.

And here’s a little side note about Rachel’s Fusion; i am certified specifically through Metabolic Effect as a level 3 nutrition coach! So after checking out the link, shoot me a message and we can work out some coaching for you the ME way, or go the step further with your goals. Either way, you’re sure to get the top coaching and training there is!

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About Rachel's Fusion

I'm Rachel Cantore of Rachel's Fusion. Β I'mΒ a Coach & Trainer specializing in Fat Loss; Behavior Change, Hormone Imbalance, and Metabolism. I take a multi-aspect approach to reaching and maintaining your goals with a 'fusion' of activity, nutrition, behavior change, psychological triggers, and lifestyle factors. From customized exercise programs and meal plans, to one-on-one coaching, to the psychology of behavior change and eating, to stubborn fat loss learn how to create YOUR 'Fat Burn Lifestyle!' Areas of expertise include: fat loss and weight management. stubborn fat, balanced living, metabolism hormone and digestive balance, emotional eating, psychology and behavior, muscle imbalances, performance.
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