Automation and Change for your better

Automation: Let’s face it. There are some things in life that, you’re just going to be attempted to be talked out of if you think too much, or are pressured from others or external factors. Even if they are good things or things you may enjoy.
Case in point, I do enjoy working out, but there are, admittedly, times when my bed feels comfortable, or work or social opportunities/obligations attempt to tell me to sit out a trip to the gym. Times like these I rely on just going through the motions to get myself to the gym. I have a routine that I can almost do in my sleep, yes it’s that habitual, but it works.
I also have a fall back for my diet, because with all of the foods at arms reach in the world today it’s simple to just pick up a pastry or burger. Instead I have a few habits to get me on track so I don’t overthink it (because I promise you, I will overthink if I give myself the slightest chance). Mantras and actions such as: repeating ‘I want a salad and veggies’, starting with a glass of water or a trip to the restroom before I eat, or taking a few breaths, visualizing myself indulging in a balanced portion controlled delicious meal.
Where I’m going with this… It takes an action plan to make lasting change. I’ve accepted that my mind and body will pretty much always want to revert to certain less optimal (for my goals) actions, but by following some key, personalized habits I can beat the odds and get where I want to be. And this goes for you too. Regardless of if your ‘ready’ if you want something in your life to change don’t wait for the perfect time, be decisive and just do it.
If you’d like some accountability and a trusted coach/trainer to work with along the way don’t hesitate to contact me. check out my website or email me ( You can do it! ๐Ÿ™‚


About Rachel's Fusion

I'm Rachel Cantore of Rachel's Fusion. ย I'mย a Coach & Trainer specializing in Fat Loss; Behavior Change, Hormone Imbalance, and Metabolism. I take a multi-aspect approach to reaching and maintaining your goals with a 'fusion' of activity, nutrition, behavior change, psychological triggers, and lifestyle factors. From customized exercise programs and meal plans, to one-on-one coaching, to the psychology of behavior change and eating, to stubborn fat loss learn how to create YOUR 'Fat Burn Lifestyle!' Areas of expertise include: fat loss and weight management. stubborn fat, balanced living, metabolism hormone and digestive balance, emotional eating, psychology and behavior, muscle imbalances, performance.
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