Not all real women have curves

Thought this is a good article to spread the word of.
Real women are curvy, thin, large breasted, tall, petite, large-framed. Doesn’t matter how they are shaped, what proportion one is versus another. What Does matter is to understand no 2 women are the same. Appreciate each of their own. Love yourself without comparing. Men understand not all have curves and not all are petite, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of this.
What I do know if we must be comfortable in our own skin. We must get past the external, and look within ourselves. Being mindful. And honoring ourselves.
not all real women have curves


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I'm Rachel Cantore of Rachel's Fusion.  I'm a Coach & Trainer specializing in Fat Loss; Behavior Change, Hormone Imbalance, and Metabolism. I take a multi-aspect approach to reaching and maintaining your goals with a 'fusion' of activity, nutrition, behavior change, psychological triggers, and lifestyle factors. From customized exercise programs and meal plans, to one-on-one coaching, to the psychology of behavior change and eating, to stubborn fat loss learn how to create YOUR 'Fat Burn Lifestyle!' Areas of expertise include: fat loss and weight management. stubborn fat, balanced living, metabolism hormone and digestive balance, emotional eating, psychology and behavior, muscle imbalances, performance.
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