Are you prepared for change, or just talking about it?

Struggling to make a change for yourself? Do you have a goal you’d like to achieve but your actions don’t meet those goals?
You cannot just say you want something and expect it to happen. 

There are some important matters to address….
Are there barriers? In your head, triggers or thoughts of doubt. From external influences like people or schedule?

Can you visualize yourself engaging in the process and at your goal?

Are you talking positively or negatively to yourself?

Do you even have a plan? It’s important to have a goal. But you need to have a plan. You need some process goals in action too. You cannot just walk into a gym and expect to have that be the extent of planning. 

Have you determined your potential obstacles and solutions to them ahead of time?

Are you committed? Meaning are you being consistent, compliant, and persistent in the actions and plans to be taken?
If not, you must step back and address these things listed. If not you will be missing a huge part, if not all, of you success. Behavior, thoughts, plans are just as important, or more even, as the actual goal or outcome. We so often want the result without attending to and being in the process and present. The process won’t always be easy, but the more you accept and are prepared for it the better you be be in the end. And you may even come to enjoy or accept what it takes! 
I will add, on a final side note, that having a coach with you on this process makes it much easier and doable. They can pinpoint problems and profess from another pov than your own; they are your accountability, knowledge, guidance. Online coaching, or one on one training is where it’s at!


About Rachel's Fusion

I'm Rachel Cantore of Rachel's Fusion.  I'm a Coach & Trainer specializing in Fat Loss; Behavior Change, Hormone Imbalance, and Metabolism. I take a multi-aspect approach to reaching and maintaining your goals with a 'fusion' of activity, nutrition, behavior change, psychological triggers, and lifestyle factors. From customized exercise programs and meal plans, to one-on-one coaching, to the psychology of behavior change and eating, to stubborn fat loss learn how to create YOUR 'Fat Burn Lifestyle!' Areas of expertise include: fat loss and weight management. stubborn fat, balanced living, metabolism hormone and digestive balance, emotional eating, psychology and behavior, muscle imbalances, performance.
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