Muscular or Muscle Fat?

Muscle Fat
You’ve probably baby heard of skinny fat. And there are clearly those who are simply, skinny, muscular and lean, overweight…you get the idea. 
But I see more and more people who are muscle fat. You know, those you see at the gym in the weight area regularly; but they look ‘thick, not lean and defined. It’s not just muscle and leanness you see. You see a layer of fat that is over any muscle they do have. 
These people, generally, train hard, train regularly, eat plenty of clean and healthy foods, but there is clearly a problem with what they’re doing because they have this extra thick layer. 
I most often see people like this who either love the gym and lifting, do it so often that they don’t evaluate if their training is actually helping or hindering them, or fail to cycle through and periodize their training and exercise in a productive way, if at all. 
They also may tend to eat plenty of ‘clean’ foods, including protein, healthy carbs and starches, fats, veggies; but in reality there is no calorie deficit, and they aren’t eating for their body’s needs for their goal. 
Then, there are those who just don’t get ample recovery due to training so often, plus adding in work life, social time, late nights, early mornings… They slack on sleep, rest, downtime; and the body pays for it with decreases in positive body change, stress, weight gain or no loss, hunger, cravings, low energy, and potentially hormone and metabolism damage!
GOOD NEWS THOUGH! It’s not inevitable that you will always be like this if you fall into this pattern. 
First, you need to set aside any assumptions and biased towards your current way of living and what you hear or read. Instead, you must sit down and delve into YOUR body, habits, goals; be the detective. 
Identify how often you train, how you train, what your diet is like currently, how you feel (energy, mood, cravings, hunger), how your body is stressed (internally and externally, I recently created a post on various sources of stress you may not realize impact you), and your goals and progress. Note: Exercise itself is a Stressor, which means exercising requires recovery after. 
Chances are there will need to be a shift towards less intense activity, training SMARTER, getting more sleep and rest, repairing your body internally, and adjusting your mindset and actually choices around food. 
This whole process and mind body shift will require time and patience, and commitment to changing and creating new habits and actions. 
I’m more than happy to help you along the way, too! Contact me if you’d like to take up the offer. 


About Rachel's Fusion

I'm Rachel Cantore of Rachel's Fusion.  I'm a Coach & Trainer specializing in Fat Loss; Behavior Change, Hormone Imbalance, and Metabolism. I take a multi-aspect approach to reaching and maintaining your goals with a 'fusion' of activity, nutrition, behavior change, psychological triggers, and lifestyle factors. From customized exercise programs and meal plans, to one-on-one coaching, to the psychology of behavior change and eating, to stubborn fat loss learn how to create YOUR 'Fat Burn Lifestyle!' Areas of expertise include: fat loss and weight management. stubborn fat, balanced living, metabolism hormone and digestive balance, emotional eating, psychology and behavior, muscle imbalances, performance.
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